Ignite Your
Soul's Purpose

Discover your soul’s purpose so you can live a life of meaning and aliveness!

Ignite Your
Soul's Purpose

Discover your soul’s purpose so you can live a life of meaning and aliveness!

Are you ready to Ignite Your Soul's Purpose?

Ignite Your Soul’s Purpose is a live 4-week online experience to support you in discovering your purpose so you can take the steps to living a life with meaning and aliveness.

If you find that you often feel stressed, unfulfilled in your current work and life, overwhelmed and with a lack of focus on what truly matters – you’re not alone!

If you suffer from self-doubt, have dreams and goals that seem to elude you and have a deeper sense that you’re meant for something more – then you’re in the right place.

In this program, you’ll learn a transformational process to discover your soul’s purpose and how to take intuitive and practical steps to materialise your desires into reality.
Purpose may feel like a far-out concept. Simply put, it refers to what you love to do and what feels meaningful to you. Purpose can change over time and no, you don’t need to go on a spiritual quest to find it. It’s already with you.

You are born to live a life that lights you up!

You have incredible gifts to share with the world – infinite potential waiting to be unleashed! The challenge is you’ve been conditioned to believe that you do not have it in you; that you are not enough, not worthy, not capable or talented to fulfill such dreams. Yet, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Everything you desire is with already within you; your creativity, your passion, your drive, excitement and aliveness. You simply have not yet learnt how to tap into this potential – your genius. Your genius know that you’re destined for more than simply surviving on the treadmill of life. You are born to live a life that lights you up!

This is your birthright and is available to you. Will you allow another day to pass you by, know that each day that passes, you live a life less than your true potential?

What people are saying

Pia resigned from her corporate job which was leaving her stressed and burnout to follow her dream of working with children. She went back to school and became a certified Behavioural Therapist and landed a new role in her chosen industry.

How does Ignite Your Soul's Purpose work?

Part intuitive, part practical you’ll learn how to effortlessly harness your intuition to connect with your highest self and take aligned action towards your visions.

You will be guided to connect with the part of your consciousness that you may rarely access; the infinite conscious self where your true soul’s desires exist… beyond the limited thinking of the unconscious ego mind that operates from your past experiences and limited beliefs. You will be supported to move beyond this to reach your true genius. That’s right, we go deep!

You’ll be coached in a group setting while also gaining hands-on experience with powerful processes that you can apply in your life immediately.

You’ll leave the course with a crystal clear vision, a set of sold end-results and a deep inner knowing of why and what you’re here to do in the world (your soul’s purpose) and the action steps you need take to make it happen.

Ignite Your Soul’s Purpose will put you back in the drivers seat of life and awaken you to the powerful creator that is innate within you.

What you'll receive

Is Ignite Your Soul's Purpose right for me?

Ignite Your Soul’s Purpose is for anyone desiring more from life. If you’re tired of living in mediocrity and not living up to your true potential, you’ve arrived home. Welcome! This is for you if:
If you answered yes to one or more of the above, then this program is for you.
About Your Coach
Ignite Your Soul's Purpose is created and led by Vanessa Indovino. 

Vanessa is a certified Life Coach, an intuitive guide and a powerful agent of change for both individuals and organisations. 

Vanessa's mission is to empower women to embrace their natural gifts and authentic expression, so they can live a life of aliveness and meaning; where they feel free to be themselves and know that they are enough.

With a double degree in marketing and psychology, Vanessa climbed the corporate ladder for over a decade, working for a range of national and multinational companies. Although immensely grateful for these opportunities, Vanessa knows all too well the feeling of not following her true soul's calling and the lack of balance and stress which that can trigger.

Her desire for a more meaningful life and a deep yearning to discover her purpose in the world, led her to spend twelve months in Asia practicing with teachers in yoga, mindfulness and energy healing. She then continued her studies in Australia, where she became a certified life coach, mindfulness and reiki practitioner, and continued studying with mentors in the field of intuition and creative development.

Intuitive, empathetic and compassionate, Vanessa has a natural gift of being able to see you in your highest potential - your greatness - while holding a safe container for all parts of you to arise. Vanessa is committed to walking this path with you so that can start to truly SEE and OWN your natural gifts and step into all that you are meant to be.

What's covered in the program?


The foundation of consciousness and intuition

Here you’ll learn how consciousness works (ego vs conscious vs infinite conscious) as well as where and how to place your focus in order to create your desires. You’ll learn the key principles of how to connect with your intuition. These are skills you will gain for life and will lay the foundation for the next three weeks.


Your highest vision and purpose

Through a powerful guided journey, you will connect with your highest vision and purpose. In this space we move beyond the limited perception of the ego mind, and we tap into your infinite-conscious mind where all possibilities are available to you. You will be shown how to fully own the messages you receive and make them yours.


Your end results & dealing with limiting beliefs (+bonus greatness reading)

Your life is made up of the choices you make each day. We get clear on your end results (choices) for your life overall. We’ll look at limiting beliefs and how to acknowledge them when they inevitably arise in the process of creating what it is you desire. You’ll also receive an individualised, intuitive greatness reading on you and your purpose including your gifts, talents and skills.


Actions for bringing your purpose to life

Now that you know how to access you intuition and you have an end-result for your purpose; in the final week, we'll bring it altogether and connect in deeper on your purpose, identifying where you’re currently at, the end result and the next obvious action steps to start bringing your purpose to life.


Ignite Your Soul’s Purpose starts on Sunday 19th February 2023 at 11am (AEST Melb/Syd). The great thing about this program is that you will leave with a series of end results that are aligned to your higher self (your soul) – not just a bunch of new years resolutions that don’t truly resonate with you, or worse, are created from a place of ego or other people’s expectations.
The investment for Ignite Your Soul’s purpose is $450 AUD for four weeks.
A payment plan option is available of 2 x monthly payments of $240 AUD.
We are all intuitive whether we realise it or not. Most of us have simply not been taught to access that part of our consciousness. Like any skill, it can be learnt. You will be taught the foundational principles of intuition and have the opportunity to experience and apply it for yourself.
We recommend attending live, but if you can’t make it, all of the sessions will be recorded so you can catch up in the Facebook Group. You’ll also have access to the content for life if you want to revisit it.

Join Ignite Your Soul's Purpose

Enrolment for Ignite Your Soul’s Purpose is open. Once you complete the live 4-week online experience, the recordings are yours for life so you can revisit and review the material as much as you like.

A different reality beyond your current perception is available to you. Are you ready to connect with the most alive, inspired and purpose-driven version of you?
“Every one of us has a mission while we walk this Earth. We all have been granted a unique set of gifts and talents that will readily allow us to realise this lifework. The key is to discover them, and in doing so, discover the main objective of your life.” – Robin S. Sharma