Transformational Breathwork

Your key to lasting change

What is Transformational Breathwork?

Breathwork is the art and science of bringing conscious awareness and control to the breath to bring about specific outcomes. This ancient practice has been used for centuries in various cultures around the world, to increase relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, release trauma, improve concentration, and even enhance performance.


This is a powerful, guided practice that uses conscious connected breathing (rhythmic breathing with no pauses) along with somatic touch and a series of breath holds at certain intervals to help bypass the analytical mind and drop deeper into the body. It allows us to tap into our subconscious mind and create space for emotional and mental blocks to come to the surface to be released.


At its core, it’s a holistic path to healing your entire being – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. By changing and intentionally altering the way you breathe, you can change the way you feel and experience the world around you.

Why is this important?

Over our lifetime, we collect and carry burdens, stress, tension, unresolved traumas and emotions that get trapped within our bodies during painful events, sometimes without consciously being aware of it.


Yet, the body always remembers and this can sometimes manifest as physical pain or illness, stress, depression or anxiety, to name a few.


Transformational Breathwork gives the body the opportunity to process, express and release suppressed stress, emotions or trauma you’ve been holding onto but weren’t able to process in the past. You get the opportunity to complete the emotional stress cycle. The breath acts as a key to unlock those hidden aspects, freeing what has been trapped and allowing renewed energy to flow through the body.


You get to interrupt old patterns and learned behaviours, and embrace a new state of well-being that supports not just your physical health but also provides greater emotional resilience and mental clarity. 


Transformational Breathwork sessions often have a powerful long-lasting effect as once stagnant energy has moved through the body, it becomes easier to self-regulate your emotions, thoughts and behaviour as the root cause has been processed.

What to expect during a session

You are your own healer, and my role is simply to support you on your path towards transformation. A breathwork session is designed to help you release any trapped energy that may be holding you back, support you in connecting with your innate wisdom, and unlock your full potential.


During a 1.5 – 2 hour breathwork session, you will be guided by Vanessa who will use a combination of breathwork, bodywork, energy and sound healing, to help you connect with your heart and body, access altered states of consciousness and facilitate deep healing.


You will be able to tap into your body’s natural healing abilities and release any physical, emotional, mental or energetic blockages that may be hindering you from living your most authentic and fulfilled life.


As you breathe in a continuous, rhythmic pattern, there is the potential for an emotional release, such as sadness, anger, or joy. By staying with the breath and allowing these emotions to surface and be expressed, you can often gain greater insight into your patterns and release suppressed emotions that may be blocking your growth. Physical sensations, visions or memories may also come to the surface to be released.


Each breathwork experience is unique and the mystery of the subconscious mind means we can never know exactly what will arise in each session.


My aim is to facilitate a supportive and safe environment where you can fully drop-in and surrender to the experience and allow your body to do the healing work it needs.

Benefits of Transformational Breathwork

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to experience during a Transformational Breathwork session:

PROCESS and release past baggage, trauma and suppressed emotions

RELEASE stress and reset the nervous system

FEEL a deeper sense of self-love and connection to your heart

INTERRUPT old patterns and behaviours & make space for new patterns

ACCESS your intuition & innate wisdom

IMPROVE your immune system, vitality, overall health and well-being

INCREASED fulfilment, vitality, and joy

CONNECTION with your purpose

AWARENESS of thoughts and emotions & improved emotional regulation

EXPERIENCE a greater sense of gratitude

On a physical level, diaphragmatic breathing can increase the amount of oxygen intake and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream, which can improve circulation and boost energy levels. In addition, breathwork stimulates the release of endorphins which promotes relaxation and feelings of well-being.


As 70% of toxins are released from the lungs through breath, it can also help activate the lymphatic system, which is responsible for removing toxins and waste from the body.


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Miranda, Business Coach
Sarah, Filmmaker
Natalie, Psychotherapist
Clare, Performance Artist & Coach
Swetlana, Lightworker
Melanie, Music Mentor, Arts Educator & Songwriter

Are you ready to transform your life?

Breathwork is more than just another tool to add to your tool belt – it’s a deep inner journey that can take you on a profound path of healing and transform your life in ways you couldn’t even imagine. 


When you book a session, you’re committing to creating a life of deep connection with self, inner peace, harmony and balance. Vanessa will guide you through a journey of self-discovery and healing, supporting you to let go of any blockages and awaken your innate ability to heal yourself.


If you’re ready to reclaim your authentic self and unlock your full potential, book a session with Vanessa today and experience the transformative power of breathwork. Take the first step towards a life of joy, flow, abundance and fulfilment.