A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Vanessa Indovino

About me

Vanessa is a certified Life Coach, Breathwork and Meditation Facilitator, an intuitive guide and a powerful agent of change for both individuals and organisations.

After completing a double degree in Psychology and Marketing, Vanessa spent over a decade diligently climbing the corporate ladder, working for a range of national and multinational companies. On paper she was extremely successful, but internally this felt like a particularly challenging period where she experienced burnout and anxiety. Her incessant curiosity and thirst to heal led her to quit her corporate job in 2014 and in blind faith embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Her desire for a more meaningful life and a deep yearning to discover her purpose in the world, led her to sell all her belongings and book a one way trip to Ubud, Bali where she practiced with teachers in Yoga, Mindfulness, embodiment work and energy healing. For the first time in her life, she felt a strong connection, love and respect for her body. She felt healthier and developed a better relationship with her thoughts and emotions. What was meant to be a short trip ended up being a 12-month journey and doorway into self. That year was a turning point, yet the real work began when she returned home to Australia.

Since then, Vanessa has studied and delved deeply into various holistic modalities, which led her to become a certified Life Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, Mindfulness Teacher and Reiki practitioner to name a few. Using her studies and life experiences, Vanessa now guides others to release stress, anxiety, trauma, self-doubt, and reconnect to their heart and their own innate wisdom.

Perceptive, empathetic and compassionate, Vanessa is committed to walking this path with you so that you can start to truly see and own your gifts. She believes that we innately know what we need; we all have the answers within us. Her job is to support you on your journey to greatness and act as a mirror to what you already know to be true.

Vanessa offers Breathwork, Meditation and Coaching programs to individual clients, groups and corporate organisations.

Certifications and Trainings: 

  • Bachelor of Arts (Major in Psychology) / Bachelor of Business (Major in Marketing), Monash University
  • Breath Coach Teacher Training with Trey Williams. Trained in somatic breathwork, nervous system breathwork, pranayama, bodywork and the transformational breath method.
  • Melbourne Meditation Centre Teacher Training
  • Real Coach Program – Professional Life Coaching 
  • Reiki Level 3 – The Space in Between 
  • Intuition and creative development – William Whitecloud’s Create Your Destiny