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SHE RISES - Six Week Program


A six-week journey to overcomes stress and anxiety and connect more deeply with yourself and your purpose. 

Stress and anxiety is so prevalent in today’s society, with a world-wide survey demonstrating that Australians had one of the highest rates of stress of any country in 2020. Four in five Australians suffer stress and burnout (77%) which is 6% above the global average.


Yet stress is a natural part of life and a moderate amount of stress is needed when we are faced with new or challenging situations. It is the body’s way of rising to the occasion and preparing to meet a tough situation with focus, strength and stamina. The problem is many of us don’t know how to manage and release stress from the body, and if left unregulated, it can eventually lead to burnout and dis-ease.


SHE RISES supports women to release stress from the body, connect more deeply with themselves and their purpose. In today’s society, disconnection from our body has become the norm yet this is where we are truly able to heal. SHE RISES guides women to come home to themselves, their truth and what they truly desire. Together, we’ll unravel the root cause of any limiting beliefs, fears or self-sabotaging behaviours which may be blocking you from moving forward and creating true freedom in your life. From this place, we connect into your highest vision and support you in taking aligned intuitive action to manifest your ideal life.

A summary of what we cover:

Somatic Stress Release

The only way to release stress in the body, is through the body (you can’t think your way out of stress). We use somatic stress release techniques to safely and effectively move stress from the body to bring you into a space of relief, calm and peace.

Transforming Limiting Beliefs

Our beliefs guide every single one of our behaviours and create the life we see before us. Through embodiment practices, breathwork and sound, we let go of limiting beliefs that no longer serve us and replace them with new empowering beliefs. These are powerful processes to support you in transforming conditioning, patterns and unsupportive stories.

Reclaim Your Shadow

“That which we do not bring to consciousness appears in our lives as fate” – Carl Jung. Our shadow is the parts of ourselves that are hidden and that we might not like. It’s important that we embrace our shadow, so we don’t react from our wounding. By reclaiming your shadow self, you can shift your patterns and heal unresolved parts of self.

Connecting with Your Vision

Using an intuitive and creative process, we will connect with your highest vision and identify the next obvious steps to move you towards that vision. As your choices are inspired from your highest self, this allows the process of creation to be fun and joyful. We will cement your vision and get a holistic overview of how you’re operating in each of the areas of your life.

Purpose Discovery

Lack of meaning and purpose in a job is one of the major triggers that leads to stress and burnout. When we are truly fulfilled and contributing our gifts in a meaningful way, there’s less room for stress. We are driven by something deeper. Usually our greatest challenge leads us to our greatest gift. Building on the work from previous weeks, we go on a journey to identify your passions, skills and interests and match it with your unique soul blueprint to unravel what it is you’re here to do in the world.

Values & Aligned Action

Your values are what you deem important and support you in making aligned decisions in every area of your life. We get clear on your intrinsic and extrinsic values so you make powerful choices that match the life you’re wanting to call in. Throughout the program, you’ll be held accountable in taking aligned action towards your vision. We will create an intuitive action plan that you can refer to as you move along your journey.

Who is this program for?

SHE RISES is a great fit for you if you’re:


  • Feeling stressed, anxious and burnout
  • Seeking greater meaning in your work and life
  • Discovering what your gifts are and ultimately your your purpose
  • Coming up against the same unconscious beliefs which keep you playing small i.e. not feeling worthy or enough
  • Experiencing feelings of unhappiness and depression
  • Feeling stuck, lost and would like greater clarity on which direction to move in
  • In transition with your career and need guidance on the best way forward
  • Wanting to manifest your desires, whether that be professionally or in your relationships
  • Wanting to take responsibility while being held accountable to create real change in your life.

There is freedom waiting for you. Are you ready?

If you’re curious to find out more about SHE RISES, you can book in a 45 minute complimentary clarity call here. For any additional questions, please fill in your details below.