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Serene: A Group Meditation

Melbourne’s newest Meditation and Reiki event

A new series of Meditation and Reiki events in Melbourne..


You’ll be guided through a meditation by our experienced facilitators  Vanessa Indovino and Azriel Ferro, while also receiving hands on Reiki (optional).


Mindfulness can enable us to hold space for the incredible depth and range of sensations and emotions we can all experience in times of change. As well as bring about greater clarity calm and awareness. Reiki will support you in dropping into your meditation practice, allow you to be present with whatever might coming up for you and help clear old energy.

I’ll support you to:

Access your own infinite possibilities

Realise your true potential and turn it into reality

Discover and dismantle unsupportive beliefs and create new beliefs (we create our life by our belief systems!)

Cultivate a greater sense of self-empowerment and responsibility over your life

Move beyond the limitations and constraints you have imposed on your life and shift into a future mapped by what is possible rather than by what has been

Create a vision and roadmap for your life based on your values and new empowering beliefs

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